Is An Artist Ever Satisfied With Their Work?

Today, I released an anthology of my life’s work, including demos and B-sides that were never released. There are various reasons why some of these songs never made it to daylight. Sometimes the songs didn’t fit in with the style of a project, sometimes time didn’t allow me to finish the song. But, even the half-done songs still carry the emotional truth of the song. Sometimes, it’s more powerful in its raw form than polished.

Looking back it’s easy to criticize my earlier work. If only I were as good then as I am now. I hope in the future to be able to say the same of my current work. Until I can plug something directly into my head, nothing I write will ever truly sound the way I imagined it. Maybe that’s just what art is all about; the result of bringing imagination into reality, and reality is flawed.

You can preview the 46 track album, which has been organized into six chapters, on our Distributor’s Release Page.

legacy cover art 2000px


The album is available for sale and streaming on Spotify, YouTube, Google Play, Amazon Music, Soundcloud, and many more retailers. My life’s work for less than $20. How can you turn down a deal like that?

~ Scott


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